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Posted by on Aug 31, 2016


The hype of fitness courses has been around for quite a while now. In its core idea it is a great concept. A trainer motivates you to get some action for your body to stimulating music sets. You start sweating, take in the motivation of the group and before you know it you are finished and enjoying the happiness after the workout. Additionally the trainer will correct you so you do not harm your own body through bad movements.

A couple of years ago many people had the urge to be a trainer and because of the flood of prospects many shady trainer courses were offered. The future trainers did not learn how to do the exercises right themselves, had not the slightest idea about the human anatomy and were not at all able to correct their students or course patricipants in a qualified manner.

The consequence was that many people hurt themselves. They lost stability in their joints and mistreated their spine. Every joint has a direction in which it is supposed to work. If you put stress on it in a different direction you will wear it down and eventually will not be able to use it anymore.

Luckily over the last 10 years, video websites like Youtube and Social Media websites like Facebook gave great qualified trainers the opportunity to show the world which movements are healthy and which are downright dangerous for your body. They commented ferociously on videos with bad content and were able to build a world wide community of people that were able to recognize something not being good for the body when they saw it.

Due to that development more and more of the bad trainers got flushed out of the system and by now, the training landscape has become a pretty safe playground for everybody that wishes to become fit and healthy (and takes a little bit of time to do some research).

Usually Hannes and I are not too fond of guided fitness training courses since the amount of time that we can spare for training during the week is very limited. Most of the time we train martial arts and stress the muscles needed for martial arts in the gym to evolve our fighting abilities.

Today though we had the chance to join a BODYPUMP course. The trainer, Henry Woiwod, is definately one of the better trainers you can experience. With great motivation, friendly corrections and a personal fitness beyond imagination he was able to make the training worthwhile for the both of us. We got to our limits many times during the course and had a lot of fun with the training.

If you never heard of BODYPUMP you can check it out here:

BODYPUMP video on YouTube

Of course watching something and doing something are two vastly different experiences and I would always recommend you to simply join one of the courses at least to try it out and build your own opinion.

Have you done fitness courses before or are you a regular participant? We would love to hear about your experiences!

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